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Xotica is always looking for beautiful young women with a great attitude.
We offer flexible working hours to suit your availability. If you're currently interstate, we can help with travel and accommodation.

Club Dancers

Our dancers at Xotica are the best in Perth. We provide professional training in choreography and pole dancing. If you've never danced before, we will take you through the steps so you can learn the art of exotic dancing. We'll show you how to be charismatic, socially confident and how to get the most from your performance. All great skills you can use your whole life!

Performers for Private Functions

We have regular work available for outgoing and adventurous young ladies attending private functions. These vary from buck's parties to corporate events. Performances range from topless waiting to XXX strips, depending on what you are prepared to consider.



Xotica takes pride in looking after the safety of our staff. We supply fully trained security personnel both at the club and when working at private functions.


If you're hard-working, dedicated and outgoing, you can earn serious money. Depending on your repertoire and hours, $2000 per week is definitely possible.
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